Federal Marijuana Laws May Hurt LED Grow Light Sales

Recent changes in federal Marijuana Laws 2018

Federal Gov. Overturns Legal Marijuana

After the recent threats made by federal government which has threatened the legalities of growing marijuana even for those state licensed and regulated dispensaries, led grow light sales may suffer until a solution is clear and there is more trust in the governments statements.

Obama administration protected state registered dispensaries

Due to the last release during the Obama administration which protected federal marijuana laws from imposing on the state registered marijuana dispensaries. The Trump administration has sense went completely against this protection imposed by Obama’s administration. Jeff Sessions made the announcement that growing, selling, and promoting the use of marijuana is still illegal under federal law and is punishable by federal law. This would allow federal agents to go into locally owned and operated marijuana grow locations as well as state registered dispensaries and arrest it’s owners, employees and confiscate all material used to conduct these federally illegal operations. This would include

Marijuana Grow Lights

Grow Tents

All Current Marijuana Crops

and all other items which would be considered illegally used items

Even if the courts overturn the arrests and seizure of the marijuana that will be seized and do not charge the owners, all of the marijuana affected by the seizure will be of no use. You can read more about factors that affect the growth of marijuana

These changes may affect some large companies that sell led grow lights such as Extreme Led Grow Lights

It also affects led grow light manufacturers such as Unit Farm Led Grow Lights

We hope that the fight for power between the local, state, and federal government can soon be resolved peacefully within the government and that no citizens who believe they are legally conducting business are made to suffer just to prove Jeff Sessions point to the rest of the world.

You can read more about Jeff Sessions decision to re criminalize marijuana here 

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