Black Dog PhytoMAX P2 200 LED Grow Light Review

Courtesy of: Extreme LED Grow Lights We have reviewed the Black Dog LED Grow light line sold by and we are very impressed with this particular LED Grow Light Offered. Pictured above is the PhytoMAX P2-200 210w LED Grow Light   Replaces: 400W (hps) Coverage:  Up to 3′ X 3′ (9 square feet!) of flowering footprint coverage! Proven by independent spectroradiometer testing Full Spectrum LED Grow Light: full-spectrum (365-750nm, UV to NIR)  LED Wattage: 84 High-Output 5-watt LEDs Cree & Osram LED’s Top Manufacturer of LED Lights With glass lenses for durability and…

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6 Gadgets Your Green House Needs

Courtesy of: Clean 420 Your medicinal marijuana is sensitive and needs the best care possible to maximize growth potential. Rather than hovering over your greenhouse every moment of the day, let technology give you a hand. Humidity Control A thermometer and hygrometer combination device that collects data is an essential tool in today’s medical marijuana growing industry. Having one of these on hand allows you to monitor both temperature and humidity levels quickly and easily. You can also export data sets at any time to improve your growing operations. Keeping…

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Unit Farm Ufo-80 Vs. Platinum LED P-300

Unit Farm Led grow lights compared to Platinum Led grow lights

This infographic breaks down the comparison of the all time popular Platinum LED Grow light P-300 against the new comer, Unit Farm LED Grow Lights UFO-80. I Courtesy of: eXtreme Led Grow Lights Read Unit Farm Led grow light Reviews It doesn’t appear that any of the recent marijuana law controversy  has affected either LED Grow Light Manufacturers sales. 

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Federal Marijuana Laws May Hurt LED Grow Light Sales

Recent changes in federal Marijuana Laws 2018

Federal Gov. Overturns Legal Marijuana After the recent threats made by federal government which has threatened the legalities of growing marijuana even for those state licensed and regulated dispensaries, led grow light sales may suffer until a solution is clear and there is more trust in the governments statements. Obama administration protected state registered dispensaries Due to the last release during the Obama administration which protected federal marijuana laws from imposing on the state registered marijuana dispensaries. The Trump administration has sense went completely against this protection imposed by Obama’s…

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Unit Farm UFO-160 Cree 800Watt Led Grow Light Review

Unit Farm UFO-160 CREE Led Grow Lights Review

We have reviewed the Unit Farm UFO-160 800W LED Grow Light Unit farm led grow lights are one of the highest quality led grow lights I have ever had the pleasure of testing and reviewing. There are many choices of led grow lights on the market today and many are subpar in my book. While most led grow lights are Chinese manufactured, most also use the cheapest of materials. Unit farm manufactures their own led grow light which gives them the upper hand. All of the suggestions they have given…

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